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Our Wines

Select the wines that you would like to purchase, there is a short description for each wine to easier understand the various tastes of our wines.

We have a great selection of red and white wines to suite all palates. Contact us if you are in our area to organise a wine tasting at the Manor House surrounded by the vineyards and mountains.


firstdawn_classicshiraz_2006 FIRST DAWN Classic Shiraz – 2006  R160 per bottle
Produced in a historical soft-crush process with an extreme berry selection. Matured in
French Oak to offer complex flavours that linger forever. Its complexity with soft
tannins and a smooth palate pair excellently with spicy foods, grilled beef or lamb, or
even a simple vegetable soup.READ MORE
firstdawn_shiraz_2007 FIRST DAWN Shiraz – 2007  R110 per bottle
Paarl region produces some of the finest Shiraz wines, unique to the hot and
humid summers of the Berg River valley. With rich and savoury berry flavours,
this wooded Shiraz stands alone. The smooth complex flavours will soften any
spicy extravaganza, venison, strong cheese or casseroles.READ MORE
FirstDawn_Shiraz_2012 FIRST DAWN Shiraz – 2012 R95 per bottle
The typically young smokey flavours enhanced by a hint of chocolate are features
of the light filtration process. The soft wooded intensities of the wine complexity
and the high quality grapes honour the granitic vineyard. Pairs perfectly with
delicately spiced dishes, or softening the boldness of any Eastern cuisine.
FirstDawn_SMV_2012 FIRST DAWN SMV Shiraz, Mouverde & Viognier – 2012 R120 per bottle
What Nwanedi has always waited for. The finest Shiraz; Mouverde; Viognier
blend. As the first, we are proud to offer excellent flavours, bespoke for centuries in
the Burgundy region. After ten/twelve years, the vines offer a maturity, soft tannins
and spicy flavours honouring this age-old tradition. Truly a perfect celebration.
Mditation_CabernetSauvignon_2007 MEDITATION Cabernet Sauvignon – 2007 R110 per bottle
An extremely elegant and complex wine produced from selected berries and
matured in French Oak, or simply ‘just a stunning Cab’, with a distinctly dark
chocolate flavour. Will enhance the table of any gourmet experience from the
traditional grill to a bowl of corn flakes!!READ MORE
Meditation_CabernetSauvignon_2012 MEDITATION Cabernet Sauvignon – 2012 R95 per bottle
As has been since the first vintage in 2005, the Meditation vineyard has
produced a smooth wine with soft tannins and chocolate berry flavour. The
classical french wood influence has introduced a mature nose with lingering and
mystical flavour illusions. Occasions with exotic cheeses and souffles will be
Interlude_CafeSyrah_2012 INTERLUDE Cafe Syrah – 2012 R90 per bottle
The unique flavours of this rare vintage adds a new dimension to wine making.
Blending three Syrah/Shiraz grape root stocks has created a typical flavour,
with a distinctive edge enhancing the complex Syrah flavours. Pairs gracefully
with all light foods or salads, poultry and all cheeses and fruits available.
Interlude_CheninBlanc_2014 INTERLUDE Chenin Blanc – 2014 R60 per bottle
Simply a beautiful summer wine, very fruity with dominant guava, citrus
and passion fruit flavours. A fully dry wine, yet it has a youthful sweetness
on the palate. Will complement fish, mildly spicy foods, and casseroles. This
wine is a must for any lunchtime salad or cold buffet.
Interlude_SauvignonBlanc_2014 INTERLUDE Sauvignon Blanc – 2014 R70 per bottle
This wine is deliciously young and fruity, with a sweetness typical of its
cultivar, yet fully dry. The mature flavours of the wine present an outstanding
character which pairs gracefully with all light foods or salads, any poultry and
all the lovely cheeses and fruits available.